Do you need virtual assistant support or French to English translations?

 LMD Translation & Office Services provides virtual assistant support and French to English translations for businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Are you busy creating or developing your business and feel bogged down by never-ending administration? Do you feel it would be too difficult or expensive to hire a personal assistant? This is where LMD Translation & Office Services can step in and provide you with a virtual assistant who will give you all the help you need. The virtual assistant services I provide include office administration, calendar management, help with preparation of presentations, online document management as well as a range of other PA services.

Do you need a quick, efficient and accurate French to English translation service?    I can offer accurate and professional business English correspondence, translation of website pages, menus and tourist brochures.

Or perhaps you are an English speaker living in France or you are moving to France and need help relocating.  I can help with French administration, setting up utilities and dealing with estate agents.  I can make calls and draft correspondence for you.

LMD Translation & Office Services can provide all these services and more.  You can choose from pay by the hour for an occasional service or a fixed number of hours from one of the bundle packages that I offer.

Please contact me for more information.