Translation for Restaurants, Hotels and Tourism

Translation of menus, tourist guides and web pages from French to English

Are you a restaurant, hotel owner or travel and tourism company looking for a reliable translation into English for your menus, brochures, tourist guides or web pages?  Your menus are the basis of your income, which can be increased with a reliable English translation for your anglophone clientele. This is where I can help as a translator.

As your translator I can:

  • Provide translations of menus quickly and accurately
  • Offer price packages for weekly, monthly or seasonal changes of dishes
  • Translate tourist guides, visitor guides, adverts, intineraries and web pages
  • Brochures for conferences, seminars, banquets and weddings
  • Give training in spoken English either in person or by Skype
  • Editing service for existing translations

Menus – prices depend on the number of dishes.

Other translations – prices are per source word or a fixed fee for editing.

Please contact me with details of your project for a quote.